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Prefix and Suffix in Diablo II game

BPAX Tags builds upon Al Brook's price action abbreviation and extends it using a naming convention similar to the suffixes of equipment in games like Diablo II. For example, in Diablo II, a shield named "Jeweler's Monarch of Balance" is shown in the right image. The shield has two suffixes, each with its own unique attributes:

  • Balance10% Faster Hit Recovery
  • JewelerSocketed (4)

BPAX Tags follows similar principle, the suffix after "-" is used to describe the pattern before the "-", for e.g:

  • by Size: -S, -L, -XL.
    • -S: Small
    • -L: Large
    • -XL: Extra Large
    • Example:
  • by Shape: -WT, -WB, -DT, -DB.
    • -WT: Wedge top
    • -WB: Wedge bottom
    • -DT: Double top
    • -DB: Double bottom
    • Example:
  • by Success or Failure: <none>, -F.
    • <none>: Success
    • -F: Failure
    • Example:
      • MTR-HL. Successful MTR with a higher low (HL).
      • MTR-HL-F. Failed HLMTR.
  • by Others: ATH.
    • -O: Open
    • -ATH: All time high
    • Example:
      • BX-ATH. BX into ATH (all time high).
  • <More to come...>

Other ideas[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

For two different patterns but "connected", i.e. pattern comes one after another, here is an example:

  • SXFO TR BRT. This means there is SX from the open (SXFO), then Trading Range (TR), then Bear Trend (BRT) resumption, like 20230815.