Guideline 45. The two most important feelings of profitable traders are uncertainty (confusion) and urgency, not fear and greed:修订历史


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  • 当前之前 13:592024年3月19日 (二) 13:59老屋 (Laowu) 讨论 贡献 694字节 +694 创建页面,内容为“<blockquote> The two most important feelings for the media and for beginners are fear and greed. Profitable traders feel neither. For them, the two most important feelings are uncertainty (confusion) and urgency, and they use both to make money. Every bar and every segment of every market is either a trend or a trading range. When a trader is certain, the market is in a strong trend. When he feels a sense of urgency, like he wants to buy as the market is going…”