Guideline 44. Only buy high when the market is in one of the established clear and strong bull trend patterns, vice versa:修订历史


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  • 当前之前 13:592024年3月19日 (二) 13:59老屋 (Laowu) 讨论 贡献 867字节 +867 创建页面,内容为“<blockquote> Buy low and sell high, except in a clear and strong trend (see Part I in book 1 on trends). In a bull trend, buy high 2 setups even if they are at the high of the day; in a bear trend, sell low 2 setups. However, the market is in a trading range for the vast majority of the time. For example, if the market has been going up for a few bars and there is now a buy signal near the top of this leg up, ask yourself if you believe that the market is in on…”